Aamer Habib is expert in every type of Advertising and Marketing

Aamer Habib Advertising and Marketing Specialties.

Aamer Habib is an expert Advertising and Marketing Specialist. He has years of experience and every type of knowledge about Business, advertising and Marketing. Aamer Habib is currently running more than 110 companies advertising and Marketing campaign successfully.  He is running his advertising and Marketing Company in Pakistan and UAE with the name of Public TV Media.  His Company is Providing A to Z Advertising and Marketing services under one roof. Aamer Habib dream is to become most successful and popular in advertising and Marketing world. Aamer Habib Specialties are

  1. Special Media Coverage services,
  2. Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
  3. Special Television Interviews
  4. Business Documentaries
  5. Special Business Videos Creation
  6. Business Videos promotion on Media platforms
  7. Business Set up in UAE and Pakistan
  8. Business Buy or Sell Services
  9. Business Events and Meetups Arrangements
  10. Social Media Marketing like You tube, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, Blogs etc.
  11. Professional Web Development, Web redesign, Web Hosting Services
  12. Search Engine Optimization
  13. Online Advertising like PPC, Internet Display Advertising)
  14. Telemarketing
  15. SMS Marketing
  16. What’s up Marketing
  17. Email Marketing
  18. Broachers Marketing
  19. And Every Type of
  20. Out Door Advertising

Aamer Habib is managing many companies advertising and marketing campaign successfully. He believes in trust, loyalty and success of Customers. His aim is to solve any person problem who is worry because of business. If any person business is not running well he can contact Aamer Habib. Aamer Habib can provide free advices. He can provide best business and Advertising plan for any type of business. His Business and Advertising plans are guarantee of success.


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